Male Facials

 The Male Grooming Lounge helps  you keep your facial skin clean and  in good health, using Pharmagel  products range revitalises the skin in  a truly natural way, using only plant  extracts and essential olis. All my  facials include Cleansing, Toning,  Peeling with a gentle exfoliant  cream, sea mist spray, face massage  with therelevant relaxing creams and  serums. Then the relevant face mask  is applied (depending on the therapy chosen). Each facial is completed with light massage with vitality cream and eye creams and gels.

We offer Mens skin care for all skin types and conditions. When visiting the salon, a professional beauty therapist will analyse your skin condition and determine which treatment is best for your individual needs - as each facial has different active products to help with individual skin conditions.

We offer a range of facials for all skin types and conditions. Each facial consists of a double cleanse, an exfoliant (to get rid of dead dull skin) a face, neck and shoulder massage, facial steam, followed by a mask.

Express Cleansing Facial Treatment - 30 minutes
This holistic treatment offers deep cleansing and exfoliation and combats daily aggressions such as shaving.

Deeply Energising Facial Treatment - 1 hour
This tension relieving aromatherapy treatment can be individually tailored to meet the needs of all skin types, combining massages to the back, face and shoulders with specific face masks to suit your skin type




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